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Vanéflon is specialised in providing you with consistently high quality Engineering / High Performance Polymers. We provide you with Semi Finished Materials (rods, tubes, sheets) or machined parts in the following base materials and compounds: PTFE - TFM® - PFA - PCTFE - ETFEPEEK - PI (Vespel®) - PEI - TPI - PEKK - PVDF - FEP - PA - POM - PP - PPS - UHMPE .

With our high precision machining (small products with tolerances of 6 microns up to large parts with a diameter of 1300 mm) and our moulding capabilities (up to 800 tons), we are able to supply you with both custom engineered parts like chevron ringsshaft sealsvalve seats, compressor & back up rings, PTFE bellows, PFA-linings for pump- and valve parts as well as off-the shelf products such as PTFE envelope gasketsPTFE steel lined gaskets,, Vanétex® gaskets, Dynaflon® O-rings and Vanéflex® bellows.

Semi finished materials Semi finished materials PTFE Liners for butterfly valves PTFE Liners for butterfly valves
Machined Parts Machined Parts PTFE Bellows PTFE Bellows
Seals, seats and bearings Seals, seats and bearings PTFE Coated laminates - Fluotex PTFE Coated laminates - Fluotex
Coated discs for butterfly valves Coated discs for butterfly valves Fluor-Polymer linings Fluor-Polymer linings

VESPEL® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. TFM® is a trademark of Dyneon. ©2019 Vanéflon NV
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