Seals, seats and bearings

Vanéflon sealing solutions comprises both standard off-the shelf products and custom made components.

Dynaflon O-rings Dynaflon O-rings

Vanéflon produces PTFE mantled viton O-rings or St.St flat-wire springs with homogeneous surface, high temperature-resistance, high compressibility and excellent chemical resistance.

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PTFE Envelopes PTFE Envelopes

Vanéflon supplies Standard off-the-shelf PTFE envelopes or shapes in any size.

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Stainless steel lined PTFE gaskets Stainless steel lined PTFE gaskets

Stainless steel lined PTFE gaskets prevent cold-flow at high temperatures and at high pressures. Vanéflon is your specialized supplier.

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Chevron rings Chevron rings

Vanéflon produces chevron rings in PTFE or other high-performance plastics.

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Shaft seals in HP plastics Shaft seals in HP plastics

Vanéflon is manufacturer of shaft seals in high performance plastics.

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PTFE back-up rings, Bearings PTFE back-up rings, Bearings

Vanéflon produces PTFE Backup rings and Bearings.

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