Dynaflon O-rings

Seamless PTFE mantled viton O-rings or St.St flat-wire springs.

  • Homogeneous surface
  • High temperature-resistance
  • High compressibility
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low porosity
  • Very low friction (6x lower than FEP-PFA)
  • Cost-saving

Why choose Dynaflons ?

Vanéflon is producing this very unique Dynaflon® O-ring for more than 25 years.

The Dynaflon® O-ring (Kamlock, D-shaped, Orings and so on) brings our customers advantages over FEP or PFA encapsulated O-rings.

It combines the chemical resistance of PTFE together with the sealing performance of Viton.

Customers (pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry) who have issues with the life-time or re-use of their FEP encapsulated O rings will find a clear interest and value in using Dynaflon® O-rings.

Where FFKM O-rings are a very high cost alternative, Dynaflon ® O-rings can provide the right solution over FEP or PFA rings with the following benefits:

  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Superior elongation
  • Lower coefficient of friction (is important for even static applications when you close something and need to apply a torque)
  • Superior folding endurance
  • Higher max temp capability as the melting temp of PTFE is also higher versus FEP (327°C instead of 260°C)
  • Superior versus solid PTFE O-rings that have issues during assembly or leakage because of the lack of elasticity (but still bringing the chemical resistance)

The data in the PDF document shows that PTFE outperforms FEP and PFA on different aspects: (Data source: DuPont™ and Solvay™)

Acrobat fileDynaflon technical strengths (299KB)
Acrobat fileSealing solutions: Dynaflon (3279KB)
Dynaflon O-rings
S B T-stat T-dyn Tol. Di Tol. S
2,62 3,7 2,1 2,25 <= 25 mm +/- 0,3

50 mm +/- 0,5

100 mm +/- 0,7

300 mm +/- 1,0
<= 3,53 +/- 0,15

5,33 +/- 0,20

6,99 +/- 0,25

10,00 +/- 0,30
3 4,2 2,5 2,65
3,53 4,9 2,9 3,10
4, 5,5 3,3 3,50
5 6,9 4,2 4,40
5,33 7,3 4,4 4,60
6 8,3 5,0 5,30
6,99 9,7 5,9 6,30
8 11,1 6,7 7,10
10 13,8 8,3 8,80

Dynaflon O-ring in shaft groove

Furthermore, we do have the possibility to bring the DYNAFLON O-ring into a shaft groove as shown below. Till now this proved to be impossible with a PTFE O-ring.

Dynaflon O-rings

Dynaflon O-ring with incorporated centre-rim

We also manufacture a special type of DYNAFLON O-ring with incorporated centre-rim for use in quick-couplings and hose-connectors such as Camlock, Rite, Evertite, Elaflex TW a.s.o. or special seals for milk-couplings to DIN 11.851 as shown below.

Dynaflon O-rings
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