PTFE moulded rods

PTFE rods of long length and small diameters have - up till now - been produced by ram-extrusion. A good or medium standard product can be obtained, depending on the experience of the producer and the quality of the equipment used.

At larger diameters (> Ø 30 mm), a high quality product can be obtained by compression moulding, though this limits length to 300 mm maximum. Vanéflon developped a new "horizontal compression" moulding technique for rods of 1000 mm in length, in small and large diameters (Ø 12 to Ø 67 mm).

Check the following pages for available sizes and materials: Moulded rods & tubes, Extruded rods & tubes.

This high-quality product is:

  • Constant in quality thanks to pressure monitoring over the entire length of 1 m
  • Stress-free for the production of precision machined parts
  • Ground variant for processing using collet chucks
  • Available in small quantities for each filler type
PTFE moulded rods
Acrobat fileMeter rods catalogue (english) (1231KB)
Acrobat fileMeter rods catalogue (german) (1081KB)
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